How does the installation work?

Skynet provides wireless Internet service to your home using radio towers. We will work with you to schedule an appropriate installation time and will send an installation crew out to your location. We will then work to get a signal to the tower that will work the best for your location and the environment around your home.

Once we have installed the equipment, it will communicate with the Internet tower wirleessly and deliver an internet signal to your wireless router or computer, and you can enjoy your Internet.

Will I need a wireless router?

Most customers prefer a wireless router and Skynet recommends them. This router will allow more than one device to use your connection and will provide the most flexibility. We offer routers for sale to our customers and can install it when we install your service. You also have the option of choosing your own router, and they can be obtained from any retail that sells them. Skynet does not have a specific brand to recommend, the choice is up to the customer, although different routers may have different and various features that may be preferred depending on your level of technical skill.

Can I use a cable modem / DSL modem with your service?

No. Cable and DSL modems are made to connect to the cable line or telephone line only. They do not work with our service. The line we run into your home is an RJ-45 Ethernet cable and the router that you choose must support this kind of connection for the Internet port. The way to tell is that these ports look like larger telephone-type jacks. If you are unsure whether your device is a modem or a router, our technicians will be able to assist you in determining if your equipment will work with your Skynet service.

Does Skynet support gaming with PC, XBOXOne, XBOX 360, PS3, and PS4?

Yes. Skynet supports online gaming through all popular online gaming platforms. Some games may require more bandwidth than others. Some servers may behave differently than others. Skynet supports the connection to the gaming systems but does not host any games or gaming servers.